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The perfect complement to your measuring machine are our own computer and sensor packages for reliable operation.

Controller PC desk, 19“

for a clean and tidy workplace.

Integration of PC, CNC, probe interfaces etc. incl. cable management and network filter.

As a retrofit solution for existing control systems and PCs or complete with an industrial PC with a state-of-the-art control system

PC system for measuring machine, tower

consisting of:

  • Intel Core i5, RAM 8 GB
  • desktop case
  • keyboard, mouse
  • operating system Win 7 /10 Professional
  • preconfigured

PC system for measuring machine 19“ industrial case

consisting of:

  • Intel Core i7, RAM 8 GB
  • 19“ industrial case
  • keyboard, mouse
  • operating system Win 7 / 10 Professional
  • preconfigured

….increases the accuracy of your
3D coordinate measuring machine

Technical data:

  • Counter with MZ 1060 data log
  • Step correction of position
  • Step correction of rotation
  • Step correction of straightness
  • Correction of squareness
  • Correction reversal errors
  • Zero point run: by hand or reference marks
  • Measuring system: TTL
  • Power supply: 12V from AC adapter

Field of application:

  • CAA3 Creator for CNC machine
  • CAA3 Creator for manual machine
  • Counter MZ 1060 interface

3D NRW temperature recorder

  • for a continuous temperature capture from up to 15 temperature sensors
  • temperature sensors in the standard version
  • temperature sensors suitable for cable carriers (optional)
  • accuracy +/- 0.12 K measuring range 15°C to 25°C
3D NRW temperature recorder

Package with PC and monitor

temperature base plate, air centre, reference standards

  • 4 sensors (10m cable)
  • temperature measuring system
  • mini PC with Windows 7, SSD hard disk, Vesa support
  • monitor 17“ with pedestal
  • analysis software

Basic Package

Temperature X, Y, Z, workpiece

  • 4 sensors (10m cable)
  • temperature measuring system to be connected to an existing PC
  • for transferring the data, 2 RS232 ports must be free
  • analysis software

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