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Inca 3D

Inexpensive with complete functionality

The overall solution for 3D coordinate-measuring machines. More than 20 years of experience in 3D metrology

Ideal for applications in the automotive industry, design, model making, in aerospace industry, in tool-making, for measuring freeform surfaces...



Coordinate-measuring technology with PolyWorks®

PolyWorks is a software for the coordinate-measuring technology, for reverse engineering and virtual assembly. PolyWorks is the overall solution for the processing and analysis of three-dimensional data records.

As a universal software platform, PolyWorks supports numerous optical and tactile digitalisation systems.



Metrolog X4

Metrolog X4 is a universal metrology software for everything that has to do with 3D coordinate-measuring technology, surface inspection, and reverse engineering. As a flexible solution for CMMs and optical measuring instruments of almost all manufacturers and types, Metrologic has attained a leading position in coordinate-measuring technology. Metrolog X4 can be used independent from the manufacturer and for all procedures and measuring instruments.


Trouble-shooting, independent from the manufacturer

All guide, scale and geometry errors are correctable.


Temperature recorder

Analysis software including a temperature measuring system

Output of the measured values in spreadsheets or as graphs. The measured values are saved continuously and can be sent per e-mail.


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