CMM Upgrades (retrofit)

We Upgrade Your Measuring Equipment

With cost-effective retrofit packages for manual or CNC measuring machines.

Modernization (Retrofit) for Precision Measuring Equipment – Elevate the Performance of Your Measuring Machines

Take your measuring machines to the next level with our retrofit service at XYZ Metrology Services. Through cost-effective retrofit packages, we offer you a comprehensive modernization that covers not only software but also the hardware of your manual or CNC measuring machines.

Our Retrofit Solutions Include:

  • Upgrade to advanced hardware (controller/interface)
  • Update to the latest technologies (motors/scale systems)

Powerful Measurement Software for Optimal Results

Our modernized measuring machines operate using leading software, including INCA-Premium, INCA-Professional, Polyworks, and Metrology. These powerful programs offer:

  • User-friendly measurement software with intuitive operation
  • Fully integrated geometry and freeform measurement
  • CAD viewer for various measuring devices such as CMMs, measuring arms, and laser trackers
  • Graphic programming in online or offline mode
  • Customizable reports according to customer requirements
  • I++ DME compatibility for seamless integration
  • No hardware modification required from WPC 2030 onwards

Your Benefits with Our 3D Service:

Our retrofit service is designed to bring your measuring machines to top performance. Rely on our experience and expertise to enhance the performance, accuracy, and efficiency of your measurements.

Contact us to learn more about our modernization solutions. We're ready to make your measuring machines future-ready, delivering precise and reliable results!

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